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San Rafael Swell Overview Little Wild Horse is a classic slot canyon located in south-central Utah, near Goblin Valley. It is a popular hiking spot for families and youth groups.

Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell - Utah Vacation Planning and ... Crack Canyon Trail is a slot canyon in the San Rafael Swell similar to Little Wildhorse Canyon, but less crowded. Not a technical hike, but be prepared to scramble ... Kick-Ass Adventures and Canyoneering in the San Rafael ... Scrambly Slot Canyons: ... Out of all of the well-marked canyons in the San Rafael Swell, Little Wild Horse is the most popular. It’s easily accessible, ... Ding & Dang Canyons - San Rafael Swell

Baptist draw is often touted as one of the best beginner friendly canyons in the San Rafael Swell. A short approach, coupled with great narrows, easy downclimbs, and straight forward rappels make this a winner. It doesn't hurt that it has some of the deepest, darkest narrows in the Swell.

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The area is an upthrust in the Colorado Plateau which has caused many canyons, slot canyons, buttes, mesas, arches, and large valleys to be created. Located primarily in Emery County, Utah the San Rafael Swell is traversed by Interstate 70 from Salina, Utah on the west to Green River, Utah on the east.

San Rafael Swell - Utah - Today, San Rafael Swell is considered one of Utah's fastest growing tourist destinations. Consisting of a giant dome-shaped anticline, powerful flash floods and wind-blown sands have etched out numerous valleys, canyons, gorges, mesas and buttes. San Rafael Swell, Utah Travel & Vacation Guide The San Rafael Swell is a terrifically wild and seldom visited area of desert canyons in the heart of Utah. Visitors here should expect plenty of solitude in a harsh but starkly beautiful setting. Little Grand Canyon and the San Rafael Swell, Utah - Hiking The San Rafael Swell, located in south-central Utah, is a region of geological uplift that offers some of the best desert solitude anywhere in the state. The area is managed by the BLM and contains several wilderness study areas, but it does not enjoy the same protection that national parks or monuments do. Climbing in San Rafael Swell, San Rafael Swell

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Hiking Guide to San Rafael Swell Slot Canyons in Utah 2 ... Hiking Guide to San Rafael Swell Slot Canyons in Utah 2 [Joe Berardi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hiking Guide to Upper Lake Powell Slot ...

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San Rafael Swell - The Little Wild Horse Canyon/Bell Canyon loop hike is the most popular hike in the San Rafael Swell. They are two of the best slot canyons in Utah. And the hike is suitable for just about everyone. Little Wild Horse Canyon is located in Emery County between the towns of Green River and Hanksville. San Rafael Swell - Road Trip Ryan The San Rafael Swell is a large remote area in central/eastern Utah, that is split in half by Interstate 70. It extends from near Hanksville to the south all the way north to near Price, and from Green River on its eastern side for about 70 miles west, encompassing over 2000 square miles. San Rafael Swell - Castle Country Utah The San Rafael Swell is Utah's fastest growing tourist destination. Most of this huge area is open to the public and adventures are left only to the visitor's imagination. The Swell is 2,000 square miles of public land, known for its scenic sandstone formations, deep canyons, desert streams, and expansive panoramas.